Monster Message does movies all the time, the 2 most popular ways to watch movies are “Park Style” and “Drive In Style”

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Movie Licensing

Monster Message does not provide Movie licensing at this time.

There are two primary film licensing agencies for the film studios. These film licensing companies do not represent all of the same studios. If the movie you select is not available at one licensing company, contact the other to see if the title is available through them. Some popular movies, such as Star Wars, have not been available for outdoor screenings in years at the request of the copyright holders.

Here are the two film licensing companies that you should contact directly to secure the rights to show a movie at a public venue. The sales reps are very helpful about letting you know about the movies that are scheduled to be released on DVD right before your event.

Swank Motion Pictures        Criterion USA

Film Licensing FAQ’s

Do I need a license?

Yes, unless you are hosting a private party in your own yard. In order to show a movie outdoors on a large screen to a viewing audience, your organization must obtain public performance rights.

How much does it cost?

The cost can range from $350 to $1000 depending on the studio, title and event date. Licensing costs can fluctuate weekly. Contact your film licensing sales rep for a firm quote.

The Federal Copyright Act specifies that copyrighted materials like movies can be used publicly if properly licensed. However, neither the rental nor purchase of a movie carries the right to exhibit it outside of one’s home. The good news is Swank can properly license movies for a copyright compliant exhibition and can provide licensing on behalf of 95% of top Hollywood Studios.  Give Swank a call today to book a license for your upcoming event!