Tech info:

All our trucks have on-board generators to power the screens. They also have a built-in sound system – perfect for movies and making announcements.

When providing a feed – Monster can take:

HDMI, DVI, VGA, DP, Composite, SDI

We use video cameras to provide the “Jumbotron” effect with announcers frequently.

Monster can also provide a radio transmitter for the drive in (Covid Friendly) style event


Weather Policy

Movie License Policy


ARTWORK  dimensions for BOB (single sided truck)

1280×512 px – 22×9 shape

910×512 px – 16×9 shape
370×512 px – rest of space (could be side or whatever) The sign will automatically scale the input  – so a feed can be just full size.

With Scaling, 16×9 stuff looks good without a “sidebar”

You can use the space however you want  – I use a 16/9 size and then “the rest” because it is easier to make videos.

We can take most types of files

All standard graphic files will work

Jpegs are best – if we get them early enough we will customize them to fit the screens.
The  truck can also do video and there is an onboard sound system!

If you are going to give us videos to load into the screen system, the screen likes MP4 or MOV  the best (it will take all the standards except Itunes video)

PowerPoint can be used but we will need an editable version.

ARTWORK  Dimensions for Max (3 sided truck) and Red (firetruck)

910×512 px – 16×9 shape for the sides

512×512 px – 9×9 shape for the rear sign (Max Only)

Creating Artwork for the Screens

When creating stuff, remember it is a billboard so text should be BIG and as BRIEF as possible. The 6 word billboard rule can be used here. Lot of the time , people will be viewing the screen from 100 feet or more away..

I tell people to make the art, put it on their screen and go to the back of the room. If you can read it and looks good from 10 feet away you should be ok.

Plain and hard to read

Fancy and easy to read